Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lana del Rey: Born to Die with cool tattoo guy!

So many nice new songs! For Lana del Rey is the Pottschalk no longer behind and it is just as pretty proud that he has written her name right the first time. Sometimes I'm somehow contaminated and therefore was of "Del Rey" probably sometime "Del Ray". Yeah, Yeah X-Ray! How will I be on X-rays? I would love to shine through Lana del Rey probably time to look around for what ever so everything is real.

But their first date should

music is in the foreground and that's a good thing. Of the optics to the Sound, the newcomer of the year has found its own style and will accompany us in 2012 is still very intense. Where now finished video to "Born to the " makes it with a sexy tattoo guy and Soileau Bradley it has been ever with Zombie Boy at a photo shoot made, which in turn was seen in the Lady Gaga video " Born This Way ". Towards the end of the year concludes, therefore, the circle of celebrity tattoo stars!

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